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Catherine Parrill 
Author. Speaker. Consultant.

Replacing donor-led aid with locally driven models in Haiti

Creating systemic change by transforming traditional aid models and our roles in them.

Realigning balance of power, putting those closest to the problem in the driver's seat

Building participatory environments of trust, transparency, and accountability


I work with donors and the groups they fund in Haiti, to build equitable partnerships founded on transparency, trust, and accountability.

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American-Haitian Partnership Facilitator

Mentor and Guide

Speaker and Workshop Leader

Fluent in Haitian Krèyol and English, I serve as a bridge between Haitian and American partners, facilitating communication and guiding them as they move from traditional models into locally-driven ones. 

I help leaders of foundations and other funding organizations assess the current state of equity,  accountability, and transparency in their work im Haiti, and guide them into successful locally-led models. 

I speak at conferences and lead workshops and retreats for American leadership teams who want to realign power imbalances in their work in Haiti, to bring new mindsets and more effective  practices and processes  to their work.   

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