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Speaker. Consultant. Mentor.


I assist development and aid organizations working toward sustainable improvement. Each stakeholder in the process holds a key to successful outcomes: Nonprofit -Service Providers - Local Leadership -Local Subject Matter Experts - Recipients. 

I help organizations evaluate alignment among participants, transparency, accountability, strengths, and vulnerabilities at each link. Then I help them address challenges and to create a plan to overcome them. Learn more here, or contact me for a free consultation.

Speaker and Facilitator

A veteran speaker for a variety of audiences, I tailor speeches for specific audiences and their needs, peppering them with anecdotes, personal stories, and inspiration. 

I've given programs across the world for over 40,000 students and teachers from kindergarten through college. I've spoken internationally at dozens of conferences, forums, workshops, and organizational meetings. And I've facilitated workshops and forums for groups of all sizes and ages around the the globe. Learn more here or contact me for more information.

Coach and Mentor

Leading a nonprofit, philanthropic foundation, or other entity engaged in relief or development work can be a weighty job. So can running an educational institution. It's all the more difficult if you're trying to move the organization into a different mindset and way of operating.

As a mentor and coach, I help leaders avoid burnout, articulate and prioritize their objectives, and strategize how to best implement them. I offer a sounding board and the experience of decades of having walked in their shoes. Contact me to learn more, or for a free consultation.

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